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Learn the fundamentals with real-life examples

Enhance your Python learning journey with real-world examples. Our examples demonstrate how to apply Python syntax and constructs to solve problems, giving you a head start on your programming projects. Plus, we'll showcase various approaches to tackling challenges, making it easier to become a proficient Python programmer

def method_one(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    result = [] 
    for entry in entries:
        if entry >= threshold:
    return result

def method_two(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    for entry in entries:
        if entry >= threshold:
            yield entry

def method_three(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    return [entry for entry in entries if entry >= threshold]

def main():
    values = [1,5,293,192,391,102,203,203]
    print(method_one(values, 100))
    print(list(method_two(values, 100)))
    print(method_three(values, 100))
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