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Welcome to PythonHello's Python tutorial! Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, this guide is here to help you learn Python.

We'll be focusing on common practices and providing lots of examples to help you get a hands-on understanding of the language. And while the best way to learn programming is definitely by doing it yourself, we know that looking at code examples can be a big help too.

If you have any questions or something isn't clear, don't hesitate to let us know. We want to make sure this tutorial is as helpful as possible for everyone

Tutorial Structure

This tutorial is designed to give you a strong foundation in Python, no matter what your future goals may be. Whether you're interested in data science, machine learning, web development, or something else entirely, this guide will help you quickly pick up the basics and set you on the path to success. We'll be focusing on the fundamentals, giving you the universal foundation you need to succeed in any area you choose.

Python Syntax

Get a quick overview of the Python language and why it is one of the most popular programming languages


Learn about variables and constants

Data Types

Learn about the different data types in Python


Learn about the mutable & indexed compound data structure "list"


Learn about the immutable & indexed compound data structure "tuple"


Learn about the mutable & key-value pairs compound data structure "dictionary"


Learn about if-else statements to perform conditional code executions


Learn about Python functions to better structure your code


Learn about loops to iterate over a sequence